Unfortunately, Hanekomu / Marcel GrĂ¼nauer no longer wishes to maintain his Perl modules.

This leaves us with a long list of modules that are not maintained.

To make matters more awkward, the source repositories for all these modules have been removed from github, as is many of his Perl related things.

This Organisations goal is to adopt packages previously owned/maintained my Marcel, and recover their whole Git histories and get them on github, and then collaboratively maintain them.

Current State of Affairs

We currently have a few git mirrors up for various Dist::Zilla Modules, which was retreived via email thanks to Xenoterracide.

Currently working out a concrete list of what we need to maintain and try find people to maintain those packages, get those packages from Marcel if possible, and transfer appropriate PAUSE credentials.

At present, this list consists of this wiki document, thrown together by scraping PAUSE probes combined with META::Cpan lookup

There is also a list of namespaces currently controlled by Marcel, divided into "occupied" namespaces and "empty/not metacpan indexed" namespaces




Current contact persons for this project are :

If you have interests in helping or otherwise contributing to this project, please drop us a line =).